About Litera Proxima company

History - The firm was established in 2003 with headquarters in Nymburk, from 2006 the headquarters are in Pruhonice – Praha zapad (“West Prague” region). From year 2003 we fulfilled hundreds of distributions for schools, libraries, sole-traders. We specialize also in encyclopedia and tutorial CD/DVD imports. Favor of our customers is permanent, which is a sign for us of realistic award of quality of our services.
Sponsoring Already from the beginning our firm actively tries to support research and education in the Czech Republic. We supported selected research projects and libraries with gifts in the value of approximately 70.000 CZK in the last year. We are keen to develop the branch of firm philanthropy in the long run. We are open to new ideas, which we could include to activities, which we support.

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Direct contacts

TEL: +420 267 312 425
CEL: +420 608 666 953
Street: Duskova 11
ZIP:150 00
City: Praha
Bank connection: FIO Group – Account no.: 2400009433/2010

Business contact details

Company Name: LITERA PROXIMA, s.r.o.
Company ID: (business licence no.): 71109200
VAT No (Dic): CZ7757185557
We are a VAT payer from 2008.
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