Sponsoring activities of Litera Proxima Company

From the very beginning, our firm uniquely supports research and education in the Czech Republic. We supported selected libraries’ and individuals’ research projects by gifts of the value of approximately 70.000 CZK in the last year. We plan to develop the branch of firm philanthropy in the long run. We are open open to new ideas, which we could include to activities, which we support.

For this year we are preparing a brand new beneficent project for this year, which is unprecedented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Look forward to it.


- Proposal for library projects! read here

Requests for sponsoring send here:

info@literaproxima.com Include you project or institution in by-us-supported activities!
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  • Do you need literature searches?
  • Do you need to scan texts?
  • Do you need to bind up prints?